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wooden baby crib A crib is an essential part of every baby nursery.  Baby cribs are bedsteads that are designed for infants or toddlers, and have high slatted or meshed sides.  Cribs are often constructed of hardwood or iron for beauty and durability, and are available in a variety of styles and designs.  Traditional rectangular cribs feature a mattress and sleep area that is about 52 inches long by 28 inches wide; some parents prefer a round crib or even a canopied crib for their newborn!  Whatever type of crib you select, it should be easy to operate and adjust.

When you order a baby crib, you can often select from natural or white painted finishes.  Smaller portable cribs can fold flat for storage or travel, and many convertible cribs can be converted into toddler beds or even full size beds as a baby outgrows the crib.

rock-a-bye baby cradle The crib should be strong and solid and should conform to rules that the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has set forth.  Be sure to check old or antique cribs for cutouts that could trap an arm or leg, corner posts that could cause choking, or rails that are spaced more than 2 3/8 inches apart.  Crib safety is an important concern, and you may wish to read these voluntary Crib Standards, published by the CPSC.

On, you can find baby nursery planning tips and browse through crib manufacturer websites for baby crib specifications and photos.  You can shop online at selected baby shops for baby cribs, crib bedding, and other types of nursery furniture.

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mom putting her baby to bed in a crib
Mom Putting Her Baby to Bed in a Crib